Section Elementary 6th Grade Strings Cello

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Dominant Cello Strings 147 4/4 SET.
"The original synthetic core string!"
Highly flexible, multi strand nylon core.
Full, live sound - rich in overtones.
Exceptional response.
Price: $214.99
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Hidersine Cello Rosin.
"Used by concert cellists the world over!"
Light rosin.
Comes in a tin with attached cloth.
Made in England.
Price: $6.89
In stock
Pirastro Cello Rosin.
"Professional grade rosin for your cello!"
Made in Germany.
Medium amber color.
Comes in round cake inside protective cloth.
Specially formulated for cello.
Price: $11.19
In stock
Cello Care Kit - Standard
"Everything you need to get started!"
Polish cloth to keep the outside clean.
Rock stop to prevent slipping.
Bow Rosin.
Price: $15.99
In stock
Ingles Cello / Bass Stand
Price: $93.89
In stock
"Chromatic Tuner and Metronomoe in one"
Use metronome and tuner simultaniously.
Backlit LED screen for added visibility.
10 beats and rhythms.
Sound out and soundback modes for tuning.
Price: $38.39
In stock
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