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Zildjian - Thick Finger Cymbals 
Thick Finger Cymbals emit a piercing, high-pitched ring that projects audibly in large orchestras. These are made in Zildjian's cast bronze alloy, and also come in a thinner, lower-pitch option.
- Piercing ringing effect
- Audible in large orchestras
- High-pitched sound
- Made from Zildjian's cast alloy
Price: $29.99
In stock
Vic Firth 2b Wood Tip Drumstick.
"2B ideal for heavy rock, band and practice!"
Wooden, tear drop tip.
Hickory is highly durable w/ little flex.
Wood tip offers traditional balance w/ full sound.
Price: $14.99
In stock
CB Classroom Bi-Tone Mallet
Price: $7.69
Out of stock
Vic Firth 5a Nylon Tip Drumstick
Nylon tear drop tip for maximum clarity on cymbals. Light and fast — great for every style of music!
The world's best-selling stick!
Great all-around size and weight for any musical situation
Nylon tip for added clarity on cymbals and added durability
Crafted from premium USA Hickory
Price: $15.49
In stock
Dunlop Gel Egg Shaker Maraca
Price: $2.49
In stock
DEG Bass Drum Lyre
Price: $18.09
In stock
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