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Awm Brass Mouthpiece Brush
Price: $1.79
In stock
French Horn Care Kit - Blue Juice

"Everything you need to get started!"
Rotor oil and slide grease for day to day use
Mouthpiece brush and snake for cleaning
Polishing cloth to keep it looking great
Price: $15.89
In stock
Trumpet Care Kit - Standard

Polish Cloth - Lacquer
Blue Juice Valve Oil
Brass Mouthpiece Brush
Trumpet Snake
Price: $16.29
In stock
Sax Body Swab Hankie.
"Keep the bore of your sax moisture free!"
Absorbant cotton outlasts the rest.
Durable cord with a weight.
Designed for the body of the sax.
Price: $5.59
In stock
Padded Sax Neckstrap.
"Added comfort for beginners or long sessions."
Plush pad relieves neck pressure.
Plastic clip keeps your instrument safe.
Adjustable for alto and tenor.
Price: $15.49
In stock
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