Beaver Dam Middle School Orchestra 7th Grade Cello

Pirastro Cello Rosin.
"Professional grade rosin for your cello!"
Made in Germany.
Medium amber color.
Comes in round cake inside protective cloth.
Specially formulated for cello.
Price: $11.19
In stock
Cello Care Kit - Standard
"Everything you need to get started!"
Polish cloth to keep the outside clean.
Rock stop to prevent slipping.
Bow Rosin.
Price: $15.99
In stock
Dampit Cello Humidifier
Price: $14.98
In stock
Helicore Cello String 4/4 A String.
"Excellent pitch stability and longevity!"
Multi strand twisted steel core string.
Quick bow response.
Warm, clear sound.
Price: $21.39
In stock
Prelude Cello String - 4/4 D String.
"Preferred choice for student strings!"
Solid steel core string.
Warm tone & excellent bow response.
Economical & durable.
Price: $15.09
In stock
Prelude 3/4 Cello G String
Price: $16.29
In stock
Prelude 4/4 Cello G String
Price: $16.29
In stock
Prelude 3/4 Cello C String
Price: $17.89
In stock
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