Cedar Grove-Belgium High School Band 12th Grade Percussion

Vic Firth 2b Wood Tip Drumstick.
"2B ideal for heavy rock, band and practice!"
Wooden, tear drop tip.
Hickory is highly durable w/ little flex.
Wood tip offers traditional balance w/ full sound.
Price: $14.99
In stock
DEG Flip Windows
Extra Flip Folder Pages
"Add extra pages to your flip folder"
Two Sided.
5 3/4 X 7 inches
compatable with most flip folders
Price: $0.89
In stock
Deg Flip Folio.
"Flip folder to hold your marching music!"
Fits most standard lyres.
Comes with 5 double-sided pages.
Extra pages available.
Price: $6.29
In stock
"Chromatic Tuner and Metronomoe in one"
Use metronome and tuner simultaniously.
Backlit LED screen for added visibility.
10 beats and rhythms.
Sound out and soundback modes for tuning.
Price: $33.99
In stock
Vic Firth Wood Tip Drumsticks - SD1 General.
"Perfect for band - legendary practice stick!"
Round, wood tip for a fuller sound.
Maple for light/fast playing w/ flex & rebound.
A beefier stick without a lot of weight.
Price: $12.99
In stock
Vic Firth T1 General Timpani Mallet.
"USA High Quality Mallets At A Low Price"
German Felt for a rich, articulate tone.
Soft, thick felt with a cork core.
16 inch birch handle for good balance.
Price: $42.99
In stock
Percussion Pack - CARE KIT.
"Everything you need to get started!"
Starter sticks and mallets for the beginner.
General bell mallets.
On Stage 2B drum sticks.
Price: $14.88
In stock
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