Greenfield Middle School 6th Grade Band Oboe

101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns - Oboe
Price: $6.95
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Oboe Care Kit

"Everything you need to get started!"
Emerald medium soft reeds & reed guard
Hodge silk swab for daily cleaning
Polishing cloth to keep it looking great
Cork grease tube
Price: $21.29
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Emerald Oboe Reed Medium Soft.
"Our recommended reed for the beginning oboist
Quality cane for consistency between reeds.
Medium soft strengty is great for beginners.
Our top selling student oboe reeds!
Price: $13.49
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Essential Elements Band Book 1 Oboe
Price: $12.99
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"Chromatic Tuner and Metronomoe in one"
Use metronome and tuner simultaniously.
Backlit LED screen for added visibility.
10 beats and rhythms.
Sound out and soundback modes for tuning.
Price: $33.99
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